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Fandoms, bad references, anime, books, and shit. Basically, my name is Cecil/Cecillia. I'm 13, bisexual, and genderfluid. I like music, art, and poetry. Maybe I'll post a poem from time to time. I'm always here to listen and can understand; I have self diagnosed depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. If you need help, I may ask if you want a phone number



do people think this is like really romantic or something he can’t hold her because he has fucking scissors for hands

no people think it’s really fucking sad ‘cause he loves her and cant hold her because he has SCISSORS FOR HANDS

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filed under: things celebrities say that the media sweeps under the rug to continue making controversy over them being “awful role models”

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asexual sirens getting real fuckin pissed about all these sailors interrupting choir rehearsal

sirens are already asexual they dont have sex with the men they kill them

well no wonder they kill them they keep interrupting choir rehearsal

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I had a dream they unveiled a new diglett evolution that was basically like 20 digletts in a group.

it was called dugstruction.


this is what dreams are made of

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 

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Anonymous asked: Wait I'm confused, you identity as asexual but are attracted to Chris's ass? Sorry I don't mean to offend but can you please personally explain? Thank you!


I can appreciate a nice ass and not want to fuck it, anon


today these kids were talking and being really rude during a test so I finally fulfilled my dream of telling them off by yelling “I AM FAILING THIS CLASS AND YOU DILDOS AREN’T HELPING MY SITUATION, LET ME TAKE MY TEST” and it went dead silent for like two seconds and one person snickered and the teacher said “don’t you dare laugh, she’s absolutely right”

I’ve never had a school official back me up after calling someone a dildo.

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